It is the joy and duty of every true Christian to always rejoice and show appreciation for the wonderful blessings of our gracious God.  Who we are today and what we own come by His grace. I am therefor glad to welcome you to the 2017 Harvest Season being hosted by the Young Men Christian Association, Young Women Christian Association and Christian Unity Band of Nigeria.

One can sense the air of greater enthusiasm and commitment inspired by our God who is not limited by our circumstances. One of the most compelling alluring tenets of Christianity is that our God does not forsake His people. Even in the midst of the storms of life, He is ever present and ultimately brings us to the expected end. He is over all and above every situation.

To adore His presence signals that we recognize His claim over our lives.   Truly joyous people are those who are humble in Spirit regardless of their positions and stations in life. God desires us to honour Him, to be in right standing with Him, to walk with Him and to be guided by His wisdom and His light alone.

Thrust your life on Him and He will lift you up. As the Saints of the Most High God, rejoicing in the Lord is our heritage. As we go marching through the harvest of all round blessing, may the story of our lives be reordered in His light, in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Schedule of Harvests

Children’s Harvest                              –  July 30

Teens and Youths Harvest                 –  August 20

Women’s Harvest                              – September 10

Clergy Harvest                                    – September 24

Men’s Harvest                                     – October 15

General Harvest                                 – November 12

Family Harvests Commenced           – From July 16

Harvest pledges and donations should be paid into this account:

Account Name: All Saints’ Anglican Church, Wuse.

Bank: First Bank      

Account Number: 1000113170


Ven. Princewill Ireoba
The Vicar & Archdeacon