Facts About Our New Database

  1. Membership Registration for our new database started on Sunday, 3rd Septer 2017. The present membership remains valid until 31st Dec 2017. The new membership numbers will therefore be effective only from 1 January 2018.
  2. The new membership numbers that will be assigned are on permanent basis and will never ever be reassigned to anyone no matter the circumstance, not even death.
  3. There are two membership classification codes – ASP/1801/ 00001-X (All Saints’ Parishioner/year of registration) and ASC/1801/00001-X (All Saints’ Clergy).
  4. Two forms have been introduced. Membership Registration form (Form MR 1)  and Membership Renewal form (Form MR 2) Form MR 2
  5. Members will be expected to fill Form MR 2 to renew their 2018 membership from October 2018 OR if there is any change of status, address, state of nature at any time in 2018.
  6. Both the Membership Registration Form (MR-1) and Membership Renewal Form (MR-2) are to be completed on individual basis. A family of a man and his spouse with 4 children will be expected to complete 6 forms unless their children opt to independently fill their own forms. The forms are available at all the entrance doors of the church and online.
  7. Completed forms should be handed over to any of the guild of stewards together with the registration dues or payments can be made directly through bank transfer with evidence.
  8. By the grace of God, the new registration numbers will be published on the 15th November 2017 and 15th December 2017 and subsequently updated and published on need arising basis.